Four injured in accident in //Karas

KEETMANSHOOP: Four people were injured when the car they were traveling in left the road and overturned on the Goageb-Aus B4 main road around midday on Friday.

Crime coordinator of the //Karas Police, deputy commissioner Rudolf Isaak told Nampa the accident occurred after the driver of the Lüderitz-registered sedan overtook another vehicle. The driver lost control of the car when she brought it back to her driving lane.

The driver, another adult and two children sustained injuries in the accident. They were immediately assisted by the people in the car they overtook and another family who were traveling to Lüderitz from Windhoek.

The fellow road travelers called the Keetmanshoop police and ambulance and the injured people were taken to the Keetmanshoop State Hospital for medical treatment.

All four are said to be in a stable condition.

Isaak warned road users to exercise patience on the road to avoid accidents.

“This is the time we should take it slow, do not be in a hurry, you will reach your destination,” he said.

Isaak said people tend to speed and become frustrated on the road, resulting in the endangerment of their own and other people’s lives.

He said that as the holiday season was approaching, law enforcers would be more visible on the roads.

“There will be zero tolerance for speeding, nor drink and driving, or any other transgression on the road” Isaak said.