Fraudsters Up Their Game for Christmas

WITHIN two weeks, Bank Windhoek has discovered another fraudulent email targeting clients, requesting them to update their online profile records.

This email comes after another one was discovered two weeks ago in which clients were informed that they qualified for a prize giveaway.

“The discovery of these emails is an indication that fraudsters have increased their fraudulent activities as the festive season approaches, since they are aware that clients have more money in their bank accounts as they receive their year-end bonuses,” the bank said.

Bank Windhoek are appealing to clients to ignore and delete all emails that have supposedly been sent by the bank.

“This type of financial fraud is known as phishing. Phishing is the process by which someone obtains your private information through devious means in order to fraudulently assume your identity and ultimately to gain control over your bank account,” the bank said.

Phishing is a form of identity theft that depends entirely on the victim’s cooperation. It includes fraudulent email messages, sms messages and bogus telephone calls that lure clients to provide their personal information, the bank warned.

Source : The Namibian