Free Outdoor Gym Opens

Residents of Windhoek’s Wanaheda neighbourhood are making the most out of the first ever free outdoor gym to be built by the City of Windhoek to improve their health and fitness.

The facility has already proven to be a hit with the community and many residents agree that the gym has the potential to keep the community, especially youngsters, out of shebeens and away from drug and alcohol abuse. The free outdoor gym at the Tugela Family Park on Tugela Street in Wanaheda was a hive of activity on Tuesday morning with residents in the midst of strenuous exercises and sweating profusely as they made use of the wide range of equipment installed by the municipality. When New Era visited the outdoor gym yesterday, a number of residents said they have already started feeling the benefits of a regular workout. “I have been using it regularly for about two weeks now and I really enjoy it. I can already see the results”, said Nolly Lineekela. “This gym is a brilliant idea and it is very good for the people in the area,” exclaimed Matthew Ulenge, while toning and strengthening his leg muscles at the new facility.

The outdoor gym boasts basic exercise equipment that allows anyone to exercise using only their own body weight or gravity as resistance. The gym has rowing machines, stationary cycling machines and a number of other units that allow for pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups and other exercises that improve and strengthen the entire body. The equipment is designed to improve muscle co-ordination, balance and cardiovascular activity. “The City of Windhoek is cognizant that not everyone can afford to join a gym and there are those people who actually prefer the experience of exercising outdoors or include a visit to an outdoor gym as a stop-over on a walking, jogging or cycling route. We each live busy lives and spend much time rushing between work, school, picking up children, shopping, chores and a host of other stressful activities,” noted the spokesman of the municipality, Joshua Amukugo. “Such exercise is beneficial not only for physical health, but has been proven to improve mental health too,” added Amukugo. According to Amukugo the municipality plans to install outdoor gyms at most existing parks and playgrounds in the capital in an effort to improve residents’ wellness. He also urged residents to use the recently installed equipment responsibly and to keep an eye open for those who seem bent on destroying and damaging public property.

“Such facilities belong to the residents, especially the surrounding communities. May our residents enjoy the gym and gain full benefits from it and from others yet to be installed,” said Amukugo.

Source : New Era