Freeda to Spice Totem Expo

Those who just miss the real diva on stage, Frieda Haindaka, also known as Freeda, will relive her again on stage at the Oshakati Totem Expo in style next Saturday.

Focusing exclusively on giving audiences the best, Freeda says revellers will be taken on a real thrill and treat. To top it all, she will be joined by professional dancers with new styles just to spice the performance and give it a new taste.The This Whole Love Thing hit maker adds that she will be performing six songs from her new album Just Freeda. Songs such as Boom Boom, Tonight and If You love me, are expected to be among those she will be performing on the night. “I am promising everyone to come and see me in action, learn about my new styles as I have not bee in the north for a very long time. All I want is my fans to come in numbers and experience another world of entertainment,” she says.

Oshakati Totem Expo is a commercial exposition with a cultural flavour and music based on traditions and cultures of Namibia. The event is a carnival-like exposition, organised from different angles from other trade fairs in the country. The expo exploits a niche in the market by utilising Namibian culture to develop a modern way of celebrating cultures and traditions, while generating revenue and promoting the town of Oshakati and the various local artists. It is further aimed at attracting visitors and tourists to the northern part of Namibia, where tourism has not been fully developed in comparison to other parts of the country.

Source : New Era