Freelance Journalist Assaulted in Khorixas

Clemans Miyanicwe, a freelance journalist working for The Namibian in the Kunene Region, was assaulted late last night at Khorixas.

An unknown man hit the journalist with a beer bottle in the face and claimed that Miyanicwe had written a defamatory article about his father.

Miyanicwe was rushed to the town’s hospital where bruises and cuts to his face were treated.

Khorixas has become a hotbed for attacks on the media recently.

Last Sunday, a freelance journalist for weekly paper Informante was also assaulted by an unknown person who he had allegedly quoted in an article.

The Namibian reported this week that United Democratic Front (UDF) politician Nampara Amgabes allegedly threatened to ‘beat up’ Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) journalist, Blanche Goreses during the party’s star rally at Khorixas on Saturday.

Amgabes was angry because the NBC crew was not covering a march as well as the arrival of the UDF president Apius !Auchab in the town.

Misa Namibia director, Natasha Tibinyane said, “it is a shock that we are now getting to a stage where ordinary citizens are getting to assault journalist. It is shameful and the culprit should be held accountable.”

The Namibian’s managing editor, Christof Maletsky said, “the attack raises a grave concern about freedom of the media and of expression.

“We are seriously concerned about the chilling message it sends out to the wider public. We call on the law enforcement agencies to deal with these incidences sternly.

“Namibia is seen as a model democracy with a free press. The Windhoek declaration protect and promote freedom of expression and not cowardly attacks on journalists.

Source : The Namibian