From Drawing Into the Sand… ..?

He started years back while still a child drawing into the sand. Little did it occur to him then that he would one day become an accomplished artist. Today he is a commissioned artist, testimony to his ability and spatial intelligence to draw and paint well. Meet Witlock Kamatoto who first exhibition is currently running at the Omba Gallery until April 12.

A husband and father, Witlock was born and bred in Otjiwarongo. The 29-year-old used to draw and scribble in the sand and that is when and how he discovered his talent and love for drawing. “Whenever my parents are out looking for me they frequently found me drawing and scribbling in the sand with dusty finger. And at school, my teacher recognised my ability to draw and encouraged me to keep on drawing until I was considered the best artist at school,” says Kamatoto.

He never considered what he was doing as art, as to him the ability to draw and paint are like any other skills to form the basis of a chosen career. Witlock attended the Otjiwarongo Arts and Performance Centre, where he studied visual arts. He also studied drawing and painting under Martin Scott where he graduated in 2011. He now specialises in oil painting on hardboard, depicting Namibian landscapes, wildlife, portraits and is exceptionally good at murals.

Witlock is an artist for commission work and has an impressive list of satisfied Namibian clients in his portfolio, including private farms and tourist lodges. “My devoted eyes, deft hand, natural feeling for balance and proportion, combined with an almost effortless ability to recreate what I observes in realistic style, without stylization, makes me a valuable Namibian asset, especially for commissioned public works of art,” he affirms his competence.

The exhibition is open for everyone, Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:30, and Saturday and Sunday from 09:00 to 13:30 and ends on April 12.

Source : New Era