From the Parliament Chambers

THE government will spend about N$355 million on police protection of the ‘very important people’ in the 2014 financial year.

This was revealed by the Minister of Safety and Security Immanuel Ngatjizeko who was motivating the N$4,2 billion budget for the police force in the National Assembly on Tuesday.

“The purpose of this programme is to protect national and visiting very important persons and provide security at their residential premises and offices,” he said.

Ngatjizeko said N$3,4 billion will be allocated towards programmes to combat crime while N$177 million will go towards training and development. The minister, however, accepted that the accommodation facilities of police officers is not up to standard, describing it as “deplorable”. He said the force will recruit 2 800 new cadets in 2014.

Namwandi fumes at contractors

The Minister of Education David Namwandi has threatened to blacklist constructors who do not fulfill work as required, accusing some of the firms of taking the government for granted. Namwandi made these remarks on Tuesday where he revealed that the country has a shortage of 620 classes countrywide where he said “constructors are taking us for granted”.

Namwandi who was responding to questions from fellow parliamentarians about the N$13 billion ministerial budget also admitted that some schools have too many pupils. He also submitted that there are pupils who did not receive books, three months after the academic year had started. The minister announced last week that as from next year, mother tongue languages will be used as the language of instruction instead of English from pre-primary level up to Grade five. He said the new policy on using the mother tongue as the medium of instruction will have to be approved in parliament in order to be implemented.

The minister said one of the reasons for the change is because young people are losing the art of speaking their own languages. Namwandi gave an example of a woman who greets her child in their mother tongue but the teenager responds in English.

Defence billions supported

Meanwhile, the N$6,6 billion vote of the Ministry of Defence was supported by the majority of the members of the house.

Some like Member of Parliament Kandy Nehova of the Rally for Democracy and Progress suggested that the ministry be given more money since military equipment is expensive and N$6 billion is “nothing, internationally”.

Source : The Namibian