Fu Jazz Band Define Jazz!

Even if the Warehouse was not entirely parked last Saturday, the Fu Jazz Band proved that they are unique, daring and confrontational that no words can ever describe them.

If you witness this band which comprises of Jeremiah ‘Tayo’ Kasinda, John ‘Kally’ Kasinda, on the bass and keyboards respectively, Fernandez ‘Piu’ Paulus on drums, Jan Willem Beuke the guitarist, Jakus Krige, the baritonist and saxophonist as well as the flutist, two amazing singers Raymond Pande and Romancia Shoonga perform, then you will surely add ‘hilarious’ to your description.

I must admit that I’m not really a jazz fan but this show wasn’t just another typical casual show but the band showed the audience why Jazz and classical music are the two great intellectuals’ music of all time, with the piano, vibes and guitar sound that went down so smoothly like a well-mixed drink.

The audience wasn’t a bunch of teenagers screaming and shouting either, which was kind of a breath of fresh air compared to many of the shows I’ve attended so far. Even if most of the crowd knew some of the songs performed, the band still offered the crowd the most bracing fulfilment in music in recent memory. The singers in the band, Raymond and Romancia, are two extremely talented artists, who can control high and low notes of every song they performed. Romancia has a very high range that can make any other musician freeze. I would say the two complete the whole package of a perfect Jazz Band.

On the technical side, the sound was on point. Overall choosing the ‘Threesome’ as the opening act was a good choice, they were energetic and amazing, not forgetting Chris Polony who can define acoustic with his fingers.

Source : New Era