Fun on ‘Day of Giving’ in Keetmanshoop

KEETMANSHOOP: A small group of individuals and entities in this southern capital heeded the call to unite and give as part of the ‘Day of Giving’ initiative.

Keetmanshoop resident, Enid Deku decided to host an event providing a hot meal and pre-owned clothes to over 100 people, mainly women and children, in Tseiblaagte on Saturday.

She was joined by Karas FM, Chimurenga Security and her friends, Wittas and Baby Humphries in facilitating and presenting the day with music, food and dance.

Deku, who works at the Ministry of Education, and owns events company Derose Investments, said she was inspired to organise the gathering after hearing about it through the media when Namibian female artists gave a shout-out to others to give their time and resources for a good cause.

The bubbly and dynamic 36-year old collected clothes, shoes and curtains from colleagues, relatives and friends and distributed it to those in need.

“I was always bothered by the fact that some of us have so many clothes and shoes, not even wearing some of it, while we see hundreds of people in the streets daily with so little to wear in this harsh winter,” she said.

Deku was also inspired to give her time to this initiative by a desire to do something for her community.

With young people dancing in the background, watched and cheered on by older people, Deku described the day as “hugely exciting and so much fun”.

‘Day of Giving’ is an initiative celebrated annually on 30 July throughout the world.