Fund Mooted for Ex-Footballers On Skid Row

With continual increases in the cost of basic needs such as a loaf of bread, many local consumers are finding the going extremely tough, including retired footballers. They do not know exactly where their next meal is going to come from.

During their prime time, they would entertain the paying customers with their God-given talents and extraordinary trickery on the football fields across the length and breadth of their native land and beyond Namibia borders representing their beloved land, while acrobatic goalkeepers would keep dangerous strikers at bay, but these days they are struggling to keep hunger at arms-length.

The dismal plight of former footballers has become a seriously worrisome sight with many wandering aimlessly around the streets of Katutura, desperately begging good Samaritans for leftovers and other basic needs to keep afloat.

This ugly situation did not sit well with Tommy Adams, better known as Tambai among his circle of friends during his playing days with Black Africa.

Now a successful businessman, Adams has single-handedly taken the bull by the horns and undertaken to establish a fund in conjunction with his former club Black Africa aimed at assisting retired footballers who have fallen on bad times.

“In all honesty, these guys were true legends and to see them in such conditions really pains me to the core, that’s why I came up with a project that will financially assist needy retired footballers battling to make ends meet. I have spoken to Kandas (Paulinho) about it and he expressed the same sentiments, so our next step is to convene a brainstorming session in a bid to iron out all the logistics regarding such a venture,” said Tambai.

He urged other clubs to follow suit and wholeheartedly applauded Ranga Haikali for his unconditional generosity in sponsoring BA.

Source : New Era