Gala Raises Funds for Shack Fires

The mayoral gala dinner held on Saturday at Walvis Bay generated N$745 000 in aid of shack victims at the coast.

The glitz and glamorous affair made companies and business personalities dig deeper in their pockets, all in the name of charity, a cause closer to the heart of residents and the Mayor of Walvis Bay, Uilika Nambahu.

Most of the donations will be use to assist shack fire victims with basic necessities whenever the need arise, pensioners and World TB day events, as well as aspiring young entrepreneurs.

Some of the bigger contributions came from the family of local tycoon John Savva who contributed N$50 000 in cash and a single plot worth N$400 000 to be auctioned for charity.

Consulate Engineering contributed N$ 60 000 to the mayoral relief fund.

Other donations came in the form of accommodation in Windhoek for those who might need to undergo medical attention in Windhoek or their immediate family. These donations will cover for emergency flights for fire victims to and from Windhoek.

Nambahu, during the gala dinner said volunteerism and charity are concepts that are fast gaining momentum within the society, particular in Namibia.

“In fact I believe that these concepts are part of our national heritage. We are a giving nation.Some of us by nature and some of us by experience.

We have seen how a few dollars and a few well placed efforts can do. As a matter of fact it is morally conflicting to have all the money and be well resourced, while your neighbour and his children are struggling to make ends meet,” the mayor explained.

Source : New Era