Geingob Asks Ministers to Submit Plans of Action

PRESIDENT Hage Geingob has ordered ministers, deputies and permanent secretaries to submit an overview of their plans for the next five years.

In a letter dated 27 April, Geingob said through the contract, ministers, deputy ministers and permanent secretaries will be held accountable on what he regards as a “sacrosanct” promise to the people.

“For the sake of comparability and for monitoring and evaluation purposes, I am attaching a template of how I would like the declaration of intent to look like,” he wrote.

Geingob said the ministerial statement of intent should outline the statement of responsibility for the minister, deputy ministers and chief accounting officer.

He also requested that ministers provide a brief overview of the role and vision for their ministries.

“Briefly explain what is done in your ministry and how it is achieved. What are the key challenges and opportunities (not more than five) in your operating environment?” Geingob said.

They should give a brief explanation of how their ministries contribute to the government’s key priorities.

“In the next five years focus will be on poverty eradication, industrialisation, reduction of income disparities, economic growthwealth creation and job creation,” Geingob said in his letter as he gave ministers his main targets to work around for their key performance indicators.

He also asked the ministers to provide three to six strategic intentions their ministries would like to carry out during the next five years. This he said will constitute their promise to the public, which he says should be ambitious, yet also realistic and attainable.

“Explain in brief why they are important and what you intend to do to achieve them. Describe how you will manage your functions and operations to achieve your strategic intentions-teamwork.

“You are requested to complete and return the template to my office, on or before the 30th May 2015,” the President said.

As a result of Geingob’s directives, the minister of urban and rural development Sophia Shaningwa recently wrote to all regional governors, chairpersons of regional councils and mayors inviting them to a meeting.

Shaningwa wrote in her letter dated 7 May 2015 that she was required by the President to provide a plan on how her ministry and sub-national governance structures plan to fast-track the delivery of affordable and quality houses as well as access to and provision of serviced land to the many homeless and landless Namibians.

“As a g believer in teamwork and in the spirit of Harambee as passionately aocated by our President, I would like to consult and obtain your views as fellow decision-makers and leaders in the sector that has been entrusted to me to lead and who also have the same responsibility of promoting and ensuring good governance and the delivery of goods and services to the electorate,” she wrote.

The meeting is scheduled for 22 to 23 May 2015 at Grootfontein. The meeting will brainstorm and jointly work out the issues that will form the content of the statement she is to submit to the President as well as the interventions to pursue in order to fast-track the delivery of affordable and quality houses and serviced land.

“In order for us to do justice to the issues at hand, I wish to aise you to convene consultative meetings in your respective localities and regions prior to the retreat,” Shaningwa said, adding that this will help them to obtain inputs from the members of the teams that they are leading including the executive management structures falling under their offices and general areas.

Source : The Namibian