Geingob Lobbies Support for Sport

Prime Minister Hage Geingob has implored the nation to rally behind sport if the country is to consistently produce world class athletes.

Geingob said the country’s notoriously hard-to-please public needed to attend sport events en masse to help encourage athletes to up their game.

Widely tipped to be elected the country’s next President, Geingob is an avid sport enthusiast who many hope to significantly aance the sporting fraternity’s scant financial situation.

“I see many times that when there are games the stadiums are empty. You must go there [sport arenas] and support your teams or athletes. That’s the only way they can improve,” Geingob said during his keynote address at Friday’s National Sport Awards held in Windhoek.

Additionally, Geingob feels that Namibia is not competitive enough on the international stage and that athletes needed to put in more effort to improve their performances at that level.

He is especially rooting for the Welwitschias to break their Rugby World Cup duck in England next year.

“Namibia should compete and not just participate on the world stage. I know for the rugby team it won’t be so easy if you look at the competition in their pool but I would like them to win at least one game,” said Geingob.

“Like [American boxing legend] Muhammad Ali said ‘suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion’. Don’t quit. Continue perfecting your discipline until one day they will call you a champion,” Geingob added.

Political analyst and motivational speaker Joseph Diescho also voiced the need to improve the backing for sport, saying Namibia “must choose to be a winning nation”.

“However improbable [it may appear] it can be done. We are now in a catchment area in terms of talent at our disposal. We should be maximising our resources to motivate our athletes and get the best out of them,” Diescho said.

Meanwhile, vice-chairperson of the Namibia Sports Commission Amos Shiyuka was again not flattering in his assessment of some administrators, whom he labelled “selfish and lazy” for failing to put forward nominees for the awards.

“If that’s your approach to administration then leave office so we can replace you with able and willing people,” said Shiyuka.

“You are denying deserving athletes a chance to be honoured by the nation. Sport has become a profession and a serious business. It is unfair that hard working athletes have to miss out because of some selfish and and lazy administrator,” Shiyuka added.

Source : The Namibian