Geingob says citizens should not take peace for granted

RUNDU; Swapo-Party presidential candidate Dr Hage Geingob says the peace and unity Namibia has continuously enjoyed over the past 24 years seems to be taken for granted.

Speaking during a Swapo-Party star rally held at Rundu on Saturday, the ruling party’s Vice-President said the peace and stability currently prevailing in the country seems to be “boring” to some who allegedly want to create trouble by ‘toyi toyiing’ and warned that the country’s independence was attained through painful means.

“Some people are too young and do not know what a war is, so please do not be bored by peace,” he said.

Geingob, who is also Prime Minister, urged citizens to rather enjoy the peace in Namibia by working hard to improve their standard of living.

He stated that the country is more united than ever, before citing as an example a scenario whereby former President Sam Nujoma; current President Hifikepunye Pohamba; and himself as the presidential candidate can still stand next to each other and support each other as clear testimony to the fact that the country is more united than ever.

Geingob said such a situation is unique to Namibia and is rarely seen in Africa and even the rest of the world.

As Namibia enters the second phase of its struggle, this time for economic freedom, Geingob admitted that the country still faces socio-economic problems such as poverty, inequality, economic deprivation, hunger and homelessness.

He said these problems were not created by Swapo, but appealed to eligible voters to give the party another mandate to arrest the problems.

The Prime Minister said the Swapo-led government has created a conducive environment for businesses to flourish in, and stated that the government will continue to concentrate on delivering goods and services to needy citizens.

“We have peace with good institutions and good policies but people do not eat that, they want shelter, clothing and housing as well as infrastructure,” he stated.

With regards to the mass housing project, the ruling party’s presidential candidate said the project is progressing well, with construction work visible throughout the country.

He went on to say people will not go wrong if they vote for Swapo or for him as the party’s candidate come the November elections.

“Swapo has set up effective governance,” Geingob said, adding that the World Economic Forum rates Namibia tops with regards to governance and freedom.

The Prime Minister concluded by calling on citizens to maintain peace and unity and to not let any Namibian feel left out.

This was the Swapo-Party’s first star rally for this year’s Presidential and National Assembly elections slated for November this year, following the launch of the party’s campaign for the elections some two weeks ago.