George Chellah – “An Excited Little Boy”

Sometimes what we don’t understand is whether that State House is occupied by MEN with a handle on their faculties or some form of psychiatry reigns supreme.

How can we possibly have a man like George Chellah even think for once that he has wisdom? A youngman so excited with life that he literally drives at 200kmh in built up areas just to show off a Government car. Is that who they can send to counsel HH surely.

Are the standards so low in State House that George is a man of wisdom? Should we laugh? We think not. Lets be worried.

We have nothing more to add except to just appeal to Zambians to listen to HH, if HH is not being taken seriously anymore as alleged by Chellah, we can safely conclude that the PF has been forgotten.

Since we know that HH is being taken seriously by Zambians, it is the PF that should not be taken seriously. HH, has been right on all accounts. Let Chellah tell us when HH was wrong about the aice he gave Sata, where Sata in turn called him useless.

Maybe Chellah can’t read english. We can translate for him into Bemba or his native namwanga or mambwe is it?

We finally would like to acknowledge the effort the PORNst [The Post] Newspaper is putting in giving us coverage. They pretended that they were playing a deaf ear to what HH has been saying, but they cannot hide their love anymore, we have taken front page today. Thank you Fred [M’membe] and your team for being part of the Haleisa Team.

Source : Zambia Reports