Getaway Nanny Locks Employer in the House

A woman and her two children were locked up in their rental flat at Eenhana on Wednesday, allegedly by a nanny who remains on the run.

Hilma Haipinge says her maid, identified as Ruusa Nangula Sakeus, made away with her valuable jewellery, a Samsung Galaxy Tab, N$300 cash and Brazilian hair.

They did not realise that they were locked up in the house until Shikongo was about to leave for work.

Nothing looked suspicious on the day, Haipinge said, because Sakeus woke up on time as usual, to prepare the children for school.

“When I woke up to bath I saw her through their bedroom’s door polishing the boys school shoes,” a shocked Haipinge narrated her ordeal.

Haipinge said her suspicion started when she could not locate her jewellery box after dressing for work.

She then tried to ask the nanny about the whereabouts of the jewellery box, and that’s when she realised that Sakeus had left the house.

“I got out of the room to ask her if she had seen my jewellery box and that is when I noticed that she was not in the house,” Haipinge told New Era.

“I thought that she had gone out to throw out the rubbish. Later I realised that we have been locked inside the house.”

Sakeus’ mobile phone was switched off, her Facebook account deactivated and she remained on the run as of yesterday, according to Haipinge.

Relatives too said they have no idea where she is.

Sakeus’ grandmother is said to have told Haipinge that the getaway woman is ‘dangerous’ and is wanted by the police for an unrelated matter.

Haipinge warned the public to take extra caution when dealing with people that are employed to take care of children, making sure that they are trustworthy.

“I suggest that caretakers submit certified copies of their ID and take their bosses to their residential homes so that one can know where to find them,” said Haipinge described Sakeus as a ‘responsible and loving person’.

“I have just been with her for a month, but I had decided to give her a N$150 pay raise because she has been good to me and my children,” said Haipinge.

Haipinge, who plans to lay charges with the police today, is appealing to the nation to help her trace Sakeus.

“I just want my things back, I would be very pleased if the public can assist me in this regard,” said Haipinge.

Source : New Era