Gibeon residents dirtying their village because of carelessness towards environment, says councilor

GIBEON: Gibeon residents are dirtying their village because of their carelessness towards the environment, says Gibeon Village councilor Jeremias Gregory van Neel.

The village is currently awash with papers, bottles, cardboard boxes, bricks and stones of demolished buildings and other waste.

Van Neel told Nampa recently that his office ran two projects last year – an employment scheme and a micro project to clean up the village.

He said he requested the youth of Gibeon to help tidy up their place of residence between October and November 2014, and 40 of them participated at a payment of N.dollars 400 each.

“But just after a few hours of cleaning up, some people continued throwing rubbish around the village,” said van Neel, placing the blame of a dirty village squarely on the shoulders of the residents.

However, this reporter did not see any public dustbins in which people can place their waste in order to be taken to the dump site, but the councilor pointed out that there is a truck going around the village to pick up the waste, but the place is still dirty.