Gibeon Village Council to avail funds during 2015-16 to cater for procurement of ambulance

GIBEON: The Gibeon Village Council will avail funds during the 2015/2016 financial year to cater for the procurement of an ambulance for the town’s clinic.

The Gibeon constituency Councilor, Jeremias Gregory van Neel, said today that the ambulance will be included in the oncoming financial year.

This long-awaited gesture from the village council will ease the dire transport needs of patients, most of whom have no other means of transportation to the health centre.

Gibeon has been without an ambulance for close to 25 years, and had to be serviced by an ambulance from Mariental – some 60km away.

This meant that residents struggled to get to the clinic for emergency treatment. A total of 3 500 people currently live in Gibeon village.