Go Well With Rehoboth B-One Shell

One Service Station and Smart Shop, was opened to the public with a colourful programme that included live music, a water slide, jumping castle and delicious food.The recently opened service station is located on the B1 highway in Rehoboth.

When one is on their way to the south this is where one can fill up your car as well as refresh energy levels as the service station offers good coffee, fresh snacks, home-made cookies, biltong, Cabanossi and much more.The owner of B-One, Erno Bertolini is a native of Rehoboth. A chef by profession, he has made a name for himself in the hospitality business. Before starting out on his own business venture, he was with the Gondwana Collection Namibia.His new service station in Rehoboth opened its doors two months ago. Said Bertolini, his recipe for success is the idea to really make a difference for the entire B1 route, not only in Rehoboth but across the country.”Especially with proper sanitary facilities and a high service standard. I see Rehoboth as the gateway to the south and feel that it is of utmost importance to offer attractive facilities to the tourists, B1 travellers in general and also the community of Rehoboth,” he added. Bertolini and his team definitely made a success of that idea. The B-One Service Station has its shop, Express butchery, snack counter and ATM and is open 247.And there is even a special treat for anyone with more than a fleeting interest in Namibia.According to Bertolini, “while enjoying refreshments in the shaded seating area travellers can learn more about Rehoboth’s geography, culture and history. The information boards at the service station were sponsored by Gondwana and competently compiled by Rehoboth expert Cornelia Limpricht.”Perhaps they will awaken your interest and inspire you to return for a separate visit to take a closer look at this town,” he added.

Source : Namibia Economist