Gobabis Mayor Assaulted By Spouse

GOBABIS mayor Silla Bezuidenhoudt has opened a case of assault against her husband Richard Bezuidenhoudt who appeared in the town’s Magistrate’s Court on Thursday facing a charge of assaulting his wife.

Magistrate Victor Nyazo denied Bezuidenhoudt bail, and postponed the case to 23 June 2014 to allow for further investigation.

He was, however, aised to apply for a formal bail hearing should he so wish. The couple is said to be on the verge of a divorce.

The police commander for Omaheke region, Commissioner Josephat Abel urged people in abusive relationships to report such abuse to the police.

Abel noted that since most cases of domestic violence occur within the confines of people’s homes, it is often difficult for the police to act against the perpetrators.

“We cannot police inside the bedroom. Therefore, we rely on information provided to us to act against those suspected of committing these heinous crimes. We should also take note that no one is immune to domestic violence. Today it may be someone else, but tomorrow it could be you,” he said.

Source : The Namibian