Gobabis Residents Drink Alcohol to Beat Water Cuts

RESIDENTS of Gobabis said water cuts by the Gobabis municipality have put a strain on them as some are forced to drink alcohol to quench their thirst, a local headman said.

A Gobabis resident, Wallace Finnies, told The Namibian that the residents have been experiencing water cuts since Friday until yesterday.

“We are asking them when is this water problem going to end but they just say they are busy fixing the problem. What guarantee is there that the water will be available forever or must we again go to work dirty? Instead of drinking water, residents are forced to drink alcohol to kill their thirst,” Finnies claimed.

In response, Gobabis town public relations officer Frederich Ueitele said that there was a pipe burst but they had fixed it by yesterday.

“We are having water pipes that are as old as 30 years. Yes, we are working on the problem and the people should be patient,” Ueitele said.

He also added that the municipality has put money aside to fix the water pipe issues once and for all.

Source : The Namibian