Gospel Trust to Host Joyful Sounds Choir Competition

FOLLOWING their establishment last month, the Namibia Gospel Music Trust is planning the Joyful Sounds choir competition which will draw Namibian choirs from inside and outside ecclesiastical circles.

The project is set to ‘make waves’ as the first of its kind in Namibia, which will see some choirs walk away with attractive prizes and future prospects. Auditions start as early as August and the finals are scheduled to take place on 21 and 22 November.

Officially launched on 20 June, the Gospel Trust comprises of a team of professionals from within the performing arts industry who have laid the foundation for what promises to become a new era of gospel music in Namibia. This includes development of this sector as well as the general accessibility and popularity thereof among wider audiences.

Four out of five musicians entering the live music industry in Namibia today, including vocalists, keyboard players, guitarists, drummers, wood and brass instrumentalists, come from a gospel music background. Still, the particular industry is subdued and it lacks the income generating momentum of, for example, the popular kwaito and house music styles. Also, the enjoyment of gospel has traditionally been restricted to within the church walls.

The trust currently comprises five members from different walks of life, each with wide experience in the field of gospel and choral music. The initiators and co-founders of the trust are, Ernesto Paulus, himself a musician, John Kasinda, Bonnie Pereko, who holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Witwatersrand, Enid Johr, a public relations officer at the National Theatre of Namibia and Elia Chikwata Tapalo.

Source : The Namibian