Government Introduces Collective Performance System

PERMANENT secretaries signed a collective Performance Management System agreement yesterday to make public service delivery more efficient.

The system agreements were signed yesterday in the presence of Prime Minister Hage Geingob at his offices, where he emphasised the quality of civil servants’ performance.

During the signing, Geingob said there was a need for government to improve its offerings in the form of delivery of public goods, products and services.

“This is important in enhancing the competitiveness of Namibia, which will subsequently have a spillover effect into the private sector as well,” he said.

Geingob said the ever changing social demographic and demands as people gain more knowledge and therefore, become sophisticated, warrant the need for a public sector which is dynamic and flexible enough to anticipate these changes and adapt timeously.

The PM said the approach informed by Vision 2030 is geared towards achieving the national goals as spelt out in the five-year NDPs to make offices, ministries and agencies of government, individuals, the public and civil servants become accountable for the execution of specific tasks.

“Each public servant will sign a performance agreement that will contain the tasks that he or she will undertake to accomplish during the year,” he stated.

Geingob further said accounting officers in the form of permanent secretaries, parastatal chief executive officers and chief regional officers are enjoined to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of public goods, products and services by their respective institutions.

“These responsibilities, accountabilities and obligations are what public servants, at their levels, would be answerable for in terms of the Performance Agreements they will be signing,” he said.

The Office of the Prime Minister’s permanent secretary, Nangula Mbako, said the collective signing of the agreements is the first of its kind in Namibia and aims to outline clear strategic objectives that are in line with the NDP4 and with Vision 2030 within a period of 12 months.

“Normally, ministries sign their performance agreements at different periods but this is the first time all the ministries are signing collectively to ensure effective implementation of public service programmes set out in NDPs, the Medium Term Expenditure Framework and budgets and through the Strategy and Annual Management Plan,” she said.

Secretary to Cabinet Frans Kapofi said that those who do not meet the required standards of satisfactory performance must expect to account for such poor performance.

“As from today, your responsibility as PSes is to lead and provide a role model for the people in your office, ministries and agencies by the respective signing of their performance agreements and in leading your management team through the process of monitoring and assessing staff performance on a regular basis,” he told the permanent secretaries.

He said the agreements were also aimed at identifying areas where staff require support and guidance in being effective and efficient in the performance of their tasks.

“Therefore, in the design of annual plans, the focus should also be on setting objectives and targets for each staff member,” he said.

Kapofi added that the performance of individual staff members will be monitored and evaluated by managers in determining if a member of staff has performed according to expectations.

He also said he expects PSes to report to him on progress made and the results achieved by their respective institutions. In addition, Kapofi said he will be meeting the PSes individually to discuss their performance, including challenges they are facing and identify how best to resolve those issues and bring performance back on track.

The PS at the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Andrew Ndishishi, said the signing of the agreements would be helpful in clearly monitoring the performance of staff members at his ministry, while State House PS Samuel Goagoseb also welcomed the initiative, saying it will encourage honest and open dialogue between staff members and seniors. “We will be able to receive immediate feedback on performances and this will also enable us to see the NDP objectives in motion,” he said.

Source : The Namibian