Governor Ausiku Tours Kavango West

The Governor of Kavango West, Sirkka Ausiku, is currently on a familiarisation tour of the region to meet the people and hear about their problems and needs.

On Thursday Ausiku paid a courtesy visit to the palace of the Mbunza Traditional Authority, Hompa Alfons Kaundu, and Kapako Constituency before proceeding to Ncamagoro Constituency where she visited the site earmarked for new constituency offices.

“I was given the task of Governor for Kavango West,” she confidently told residents of Ncamagoro.

“Kapako Constituency was once a single constituency but because of your demands the government decided to separate it into two, making the other half Ncamagoro Constituency.”

Ausiku added that people should have already been informed of the planned constituency offices that will soon be constructed and thus hoped no complaints from villagers would be heard about their land being taken and that they don’t know what is being built in their village “The traditional authority gave this land for your development and it’s your offices that are being built.”

Ausiku said the priority is first to build the constituency offices and later to be followed by other developments.

The villagers responded that they were looking forward to the developments.

Ausiku also urged parents to encourage their children to go to school. “I always listen to the local radio and I hear teachers live on air telling parents to send their kids to school and to let them be on time. As parents why should we wait for teachers to tell us to tell our children to be at school on time or to tell us that our children have to go to school? Exams are around the corner so I’m urging all parents to monitor their children’s school attendance in order to get good results,” she said.

Frieda Siwombe, who is the Kapako Constituency councillor, said in future the community won’t have to travel long distances to Kapako to visit the constituency office as they will have their own constituency offices, adding that people would be assisted much easier and problems eliminated accordingly.

The governor with her delegation also visited the Bunya Women Bakery in Kapako and Erago Clinic in Erago Village where she held a community meeting.

There villagers spoke about the need for a road in the area. Currently Erago Clinic has no road leading to it, which is a problem when patients need to be referred to Rundu Hospital as ambulances cannot reach the clinic and thus Rundu Hospital has to send 4times4 vehicles to pick up patients as there is no proper road.

Source : New Era