Governor of Oshikoto On Task

Governor of the Oshikoto Region Henock Kankoshi says he wants every child of school-going age in school as well as discipline and dedication among learners and teachers so that teaching and learning can take place effectively.

Kankoshi, who said Oshikoto has been a shining example for the past five years for retaining the first position in the Grade 10 national examinations, pronounced that education should be brought closer to the people.

“Although secondary schools have been established in various constituencies of our region, I would like to see secondary schools established in Eengodi as well as Nehale LyaMpingana constituencies. Let us bring education closer to our people,” said Kankoshi.

Kankoshi was speaking at the region’s address on Friday, which was attended by senior government officials from Oshikoto.

The governor said electrification of rural schools is also vital in boosting quality education and ensuring an improved pass rate among learners, especially in the rural areas.

Equally, the governor requested the Directorate of Health in Oshikoto to pay special attention to all the people, young and old to reduce deaths and illnesses.

Kankoshi said although the sick should not be neglected, emphasis should be placed on preventative measures.

“Continuous training and development of health providers should be encouraged and supported. Customers should be treated with care and sympathy and not with unfriendly faces,” urged Kanksohi.

However, Kankoshi stressed that in order to provide excellent services, more education and health facilities should be built.

He also called upon the regional council to address the issue of potable water and the drilling of boreholes in order to rescue the people in times of drought.

Some of the remedies that can be explored, according to Kankoshi, include drilling boreholes throughout the region and harvesting water during the rainy season.

In addition, the governor also suggested subsidising farmers and local communities and providing farmers with water pipes and taps, among others.

At the same time, the governor urged line ministries, regional and local authorities and other government agencies to fully implement the budget as per its allocation. “I do not want to hear that funds which were allocated for certain projects are unutilized and have been returned to treasury, while our electorates are still drinking water from the wells while some schools have no electricity,” said Kankoshi.

Reminiscing some of the achievements attained in Oshikoto so far, Kankoshi said he is happy with the significant progress of the roads, but he stressed that it remains his wish to construct more roads and to have those that are half constructed completed.

Source : New Era