Govt Accuses Rukoro of Promoting Division

Government has accused Ovaherero paramount chief-designate Vekuii Rukoro of promoting division among Namibians, following his recent insinuations that the struggle to liberate Namibia was only fought by the Ovaherero against German colonisers.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology Mbeuta Ua-Ndjarakana also dismissed Rukoro’s claims that government has confined the Ovaherero Traditional Authority to Aminuis only.

According to Ua-Ndjarakana, it was the Ovaherero Traditional Authority (OTA) that – during its application for recognition in 2006 – chose Aminuis as the area inhabited by the subjects falling under that traditional authority.

The permanent secretary produced documents, signed on January 26 2006 by the late Ovaherero paramount chief Kuaima Riruako indicating that the community falling under the OTA is in the “Aminuis reserve or communal area”.

“The Government of the Republic of Namibia did not confine the Ovaherero Traditional Authority (OTA) to Aminuis at all,” Ua-Ndjarakana said.

The Traditional Authority Act of 2000 states that a traditional authority shall in the exercise of its powers and the execution of duties and functions have jurisdiction over the members of the traditional community in respect of which it has been established.

New Era understands that Rukoro, who was recently elected as the paramount chief of the Ovaherero following the death of Chief Kuaima Riruako, wants to expand his jurisdiction beyond just Aminuis.

Ua-Ndjarakana said government did not coerce Riruako to limit his powers within the boundaries of Aminuis, saying he voluntarily indicated as such in his 2006 application for recognition.

Rukoro wants to have jurisdiction in places such as Okondjatu, Okakarara and Gam in the Otjozondjupa Region, Otjimuhaka and Otuzemba in the Kunene Region, Otjimbingwe and Omatjete in Erongo Region and other areas in Omaheke Region such as Otjinene, Eiseb and Otjombinde.

Aminuis is located in the Omaheke Region.

“The OTA would have chosen any other place as the area of operation, if they didn’t’t want to operate from Aminuis,” said Ua-Ndjarakana.

Addressing hundreds of Ovaherero at Ozombuzovindimba recently, Rukoro said government is oppressing the Otjiherero-speaking Namibians, a claim denied by Ua-Ndjarakana.

“The site of operation has nothing to do with the oppression of the Ovaherero by the government because the Traditional Authority Act is a working document that was agreed upon by all members of parliament and traditional authorities after independence,” the PS said.

On Rukoro’s alleged claims regarding the colonial war by Germany against Namibians, Ua-Ndjarakana said Rukoro was being economic with the truth by claiming that the struggle to liberate Namibia was only fought by the Ovaherero against German colonisers.

“His speeches are selective and misleading in nature as he knows very well that the German colonisers did not only suppress the Ovaherero nor were the Ovaherero the only people who fought against the German occupation of Namibia.

“All Namibians, from all walks of life, fought bitter wars against colonialism, be it against German occupation or the minority apartheid South African regime,” the permanent secretary stated.

Source : New Era