Govt, Opposition Should Work Together

Government and opposition parties must join hands when it comes to tackling issues of national concern, says the founder of the Republican Party (RP) Dirk Mudge.

Speaking during the RP congress that took place last weekend, Mudge said Namibians should strive towards building a unified nation in spite of racial and ethnic differences.

“To my mind, these differences will be with us for a long time. But let us accept, respect or at least tolerate one another,” said Mudge.

“To the government I want to say, do not ever forget how opposing parties succeeded in writing the constitution, approved by consensus, under the chairmanship of Hon Hage Geingob. Why not follow this example when other issues must be tackled?” he said.

The 86-year-old Mudge, who has not been involved in active politics for more than a decade, urged opposition parties to assist government where it can.

Opposition parties must not see themselves only as the “opposition” but rather as an alternative government, he said, and at the same time spurred them on not only to criticise but to congratulate government when it is doing well.

With the business atmosphere seen as one of the most investor-friendly on the continent, Mudge urged opposition parties to guard against undermining investor confidence in the country.

According to Mudge: “Popular decisions are not necessarily the right ones. Sometimes the ruling party must be prepared to lose a few votes by taking the right decisions because in the long run it will, politically speaking, be a good investment.”

The weekend’s congress re-elected Henk Mudge as party president, teeing him up for another five years at the helm of the party.

Mudge will be deputised by Clara Gowases who was previously the party’s national chairperson.

At the congress, delegates ratified Mudge’s suggestion that the RP throws its weight behind Swapo presidential candidate, Dr Hage Geingob, during the national elections slated for November.

Source : New Era