Grade 10s in Classroom Limbo

There is no space for Grade10 learners at Kaisosi Combined School where learners in the grade are in limbo as the school does not have enough classrooms.

New Era was informed last year that 32 learners at the school sat for the Grade 9 exams but only 18 passed to Grade 10, but are now stranded.

Kaisosi Combined School is located in Rundu.

According to teachers at the school, the programme that was initiated by the circuit inspector to move the school from primary level to a combined school started in 2012 and in 2013 it had its first Grade 8s, who then moved to Grade 9 in 2014.

The school was supposed to have Grade 10 this year but due to a lack of a Grade 10 classroom this has not been possible, leaving 18 of the learners at the school that passed to Grade 10 stranded.

“The director of education and the circuit inspector were here at the school to address the problem and they are trying to see if these learners can be placed in nearby schools,” said Steven Haingura the school’s principal.

“The situation is really going to affect learners as some might end up being placed at faraway schools and will have to walk long distances to school. Many are complaining they won’t be able to afford taxi fare if sent to faraway schools as nearby schools are all full and they didn’t request admission on time since they thought that Grade 10 will start this year at the school,” said one concerned teacher at Kaisosi who requested anonymity.

Schools in Rundu are currently packed to capacity and some learners are yet to be placed for grades 1, 8 and 11.

The school offers Grade 1 to Grade 9, and each grade in primary level has three classes. “Looking at the flow of learners we will need three classes if we are to have Grade 10. We have three Grade 1 classes and if they run parallel all the way up then we will surely need three more classes and this will solve the problem, but we will also need three more teachers,” said Haingura.

This reporter asked to speak to the circuit inspector Bonifasius Kangungu but he refused to comment on the dilemma, referring this newspaper to the director.

“I cannot speak to you now as I have given my reports to the director already, he is in a better position to respond,” he said.

Education director in the region Mathew Nauyoma could not be reached for comment but later made an appointment to speak to New Era tomorrow about the matter.

Source : New Era