Grand Housing Project for Walvis Bay

The Walvis Bay Town Council says the servicing of 905 single residential, light industrial and general residential plots at a cost of N$120 million for the 20132014 financial year is on track.

The 905 plots comprise 809 single residential, 75 light industrial and 21 general residential plots and form part of the 1 014 plots that the Walvis Bay Council intends to service by 2015.

This was said by the chairperson of the management committee Wilfried Immanuel during consultative meetings held with residents prior to council tabling its 20142015 budget on Friday.

He said at least 70 per cent of the work for servicing the 1014 plots is complete and contractors are working around the clock to get the job done by the end of July.

Immanuel said at least 45 per cent of work is already complete for the servicing of the 300 single residential and five general residential plots in Meersig Extension 2.

Work on the servicing of 169 single residential plots and seven general residential plots at the newly established Narraville Extension 7 will also be completed in July, while 340 single residential plots and nine general residential plots will be serviced in Kuisebmond extensions 5 and 6.

“The servicing of the 75 light industrial plots is also progressing well, although they are expected to be completed by January 2015. We are happy with the progress made by the contactors on the project and expect that that the servicing of all residential plots will be completed by the end of this month,” said Immanuel. The Walvis Bay Council last year invested N$120 million in land development that will see the servicing of the 1014 plots, although council initially intended to service 2 000 plots at the town.

The initiative forms part of the council’s five-year strategic plan that will map the future of the town for the next five years in terms of economic and industrial development, of which the servicing of land is a vital component.

N$120 million was allocated for land development projects during the 20132014 budget and four tenders were awarded to two construction companies owned by local businessmen. JJD Earth Moving and Construction owned by Johnny Doeseb received three tenders worth N$97 million and Rino Construction and Development owned by Rino Nuwseb got one tender worth N$15 million.

Earlier this year the public relations manager of the Walvis Bay Municipality, Kevin Adams, said there were close to 27 000 shack dwellers at the town who are all hoping to secure proper housing in the near future once the municipality has completed the servicing of residential plots.

He however said the criteria for the sale of the plots including the cost will be communicated once all plots have been serviced.

Source : New Era