Gross Barmen Set to Re-Open

Refurbishment of the Gross Barmen Hot Springs Resort is nearing completion with the Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) hinting that the work could be completed at below the budgeted figure of N$200 million. To date the state-owned resort has spent nearly N$115 million, and has nearly all work completed. The contractors are expected to hand over the site to NWR in August, however the exact date of the public opening is not yet known. “After the completion of the project, the resort will consists of high-class facilities on par with international standards, which would include revamped accommodation facilities, an office and administration building, conference centre, restaurant, outside and inside pools, Spa, shop facilities, and reception areas,” says NWR acting Managing Director Zelna Hengari.

The Gross Barmen Hot Springs Resort is situated about 100kms north of Windhoek and 25kms from the town of Okahandja and has been closed for redevelopment since 2011. The site was handed over to the company Namibia Construction (NC) in September 2011. A huge capital injection of about N$220 million was earmarked for the re-development project.

The accommodation facilities were completed at a cost of N$64 million. Work on the swimming pool, conference centre and restaurant is also nearing completion, leaving only work on the Spa, restaurant and the reception areas. The project was initially scheduled for completion in June 2014, but the practical completion date was later revised to August 2014.

This is because of delays in the construction work at the entrance areas, the pool pump, change rooms, as well as the Spa facilities that were encountered.

“The delays were mainly due to materials ordered from overseas, notably Germany, natural factors such as good rains received this year, as well as some information required for a carport at the entrance areas,” Hengari said, adding that everything is being done by the client, contractor and project manager during their weekly and monthly site meetings to ensure that the project is completed sooner than or by August 2014.

Source : New Era