Guards Allegedly Kill Youth

An Acacia High School student was allegedly tortured and then shot dead in cold blood by two security guards in Katutura on Friday morning.

Jesaya Vemuna Kaipiti (21) met his death when he was visiting his grandmother who lives along Spruik Street in Herero location of Katutura.

The two guards (name of company known to The Namibian) allegedly accused the youth of stealing a wallet before handcuffing and pepper-spraying him while holding him captive in one of the suspect’s bedroom where they also allegedly shot him twice in the chest and the arm.

Windhoek City Police Chief Abraham Kanime confirmed the incident yesterday, although he said he could not provide detailed information since they were still investigating the shooting.

He, however, indicated that the two suspects have been arrested and are expected to appear in the Katutura Magistrate’s Court today.

Eyewitnesses say Kaipiti’s friend, Hiskia Kandovazu, left him in the guards company outside their home when he went to a nearby bar to buy cigarettes.

“When Kandovazu returned, he heard his friend screaming inside their room. He then woke me up and told me that Kaipiti was being assaulted and needed our help,” said Uatatjo Kandjavera, the suspects’ neighbour.

Kandovazu said the suspects had locked the door, prompting him to jump onto the roof to try and cut

the corrugated roof open but he was shot on the hand. He also said he was cut on the arm when he tried to force his way in by climbing over the spiked gate.

Another neighbour, who refused to be named, said he was awakened by the sound of gunshots and watched the whole episode through the window like a horror movie.

“It was terrible. They handcuffed him and he was already dead by the time we arrived. They had shot him twice with a pistol and he lay there half-naked,” said the elderly neighbour, adding that Kaipiti was lying in a pool of blood on the suspect’s bed.

Some residents say one of the suspects, whom they describe as a peaceful man unless he was intoxicated, had once threatened to use his firearm on one of the patrons at a bar during an argument in the past.

When the police came, the guards allegedly said the pistol used to kill Kaipiti belonged to Kandovazu, who was also arrested.

When The Namibian visited the crime scene yesterday, there were broken windows and dried blood stains in the room. A part of the shack’s roof was also ripped half open.

Kaipiti’s father, Karina Kauari, is convinced his son was sodomised, but says they have to wait for forensic evidence to confirm his suspicion.

“I’m informed my son was found lying with his pants down. This can only mean they did something to him and we will find out,” said Kauari.

Kaipiti’s mother, Cecilia, was too overcome with emotion to speak, but the grandmother Friendoline Kaipiti said the family was still reeling from the shock.

“We are in shock. My grandson had just come to visit me for the weekend and then something like this happens to him. We are still trying to come to terms with what happen,” she said.

Source : The Namibian