Guards Go for Months Without Pay

INTER Africa Security Service guards worked for months without any pay and the company has blamed this on non-payment from their clients.

Many of the guards have been struggling to make ends meet during the past months, with some being chased out of their rented homes and their belongings confiscated for non-payment of rent.

A number of guards, some still employed and those who resigned, gathered at the company’s premises last week to collect their outstanding pay cheques.

Ndjambi Nataniel Hakuria, who has since left Inter Africa told The Namibian, he only received one pay cheque in March after starting to work for the company on 1 February this year.

“I don’t even know if they will pay for all the outstanding months or only for one month,” he said.

Hakuria said he is two months behind with his rent and will have to put down N$1 600 for the two months he did not pay, which will only leave him with about N$200 from his N$1 900 before deductions.

The company’s financial manager, Ndinelago Amkuatah, said they did not pay their employees because some of their clients were yet to pay for the services rendered.

Amkuatah said the company carries no responsibility if the guards are not paid as a result of clients not paying. She also said payment for the guards would be delayed in future if their clients do not pay on time.

“Is it our problem if the clients do not pay? They must just be patient. Sometimes not all clients pay and just because a client where a certain guard is placed pays, does not mean we can pay them. We have to wait for all the clients to pay and then pay all the employees,” Amkuatah said.

Amkuatah said the guards will only receive payment for one month since, according to their procedures and records, only one month is outstanding.

“You and anybody who is new to the company will not understand. We pay on the 25th of every next month. That is how our system works, so the guards may feel that they have worked two months without pay but it is not like that,” Amkuatah said, adding that the latest they are supposed to effect payment is the 27th of each month unless it is beyond their control.

Secretary general of Namibia Security Guards and Watchmen’s Union David Frans said the situation at the security company is unacceptable.

“This is a problem we have had with that company for a long time. It is unacceptable and unreasonable to make people wait for their money because the company was not paid. They have to make a plan to pay their workers,” Frans said.

Frans indecated that the union has had problems with the company for allegedly prohibiting its employees from joining the union.

“They are intimidating the workers no to join the union. We know that he is paying some workers and not paying others,” Frans said.

Source : The Namibian