Gunshot Victim Fights for Life

TWENTY-THREE-YEAR-OLD Vilho Shikongo is fighting for his life after he was allegedly shot by police in Katutura’s Havana informal settlement on Saturday evening.

Although Khomas regional crime investigations’ coordinator deputy commissioner Silvanus Nghishidimbwa confirmed the shooting, he could not provide more details.

Shikongo was rushed to the Windhoek Central Hospital where he was immediately operated on, while Fabian Nicodemus, the driver of the vehicle Shikongo was in, spent a night in custody.

Nicodemus yesterday said he was still in shock and had lost faith in the police.

Relating their ordeal, Nicodemus said they were coming from Paaltjies recreational park on the outskirts of Windhoek when the police opened fire on their vehicle.

“As we drove from Paaltjies we overtook a police van but we were not speeding. The van was driving slowly. While we were driving, I noticed the flashing blue lights of the police van. I switched on my hazards, thinking they would pass. As I was about to stop, we just heard a gun shot. When we eventually stopped, two officers jumped out of the van and one grabbed my car keys and ordered us to get out of the car,” Nicodemus said.

He further said when they got out of the car, he saw Shikongo collapsing and bleeding, as he was handcuffed by one officer.

“The more we told them that my cousin had been shot, the more they became aggressive and started hitting us. While we stood there asking what we had done wrong, another bullet was discharged from the officer’s firearm and it looked like he was not even aware that his gun was going to go off because he was as surprised as we were,” Nicodemus further said.

Nicodemus also said that after some commotion, the officers told them that a police intelligence car was following them and that is why they had opened fire because they did not stop and that they had driven through a red traffic light.

“Up to now we don’t know why we were shot at and why I was arrested. We asked for the names of the officers and they refused to give them to us. As far as I am concerned, I don’t trust the police anymore. How can they just shoot at us like that? We are innocent. All we did was just drive to get to our friend’s house,” Nicodemus said.

Source : The Namibian