Gymnastics Club Gets N$ 20 000 Boost From FNB

FNB Namibia has committed to an annual sponsorship of N$ 20,000 over the next three years towards the Windhoek Rhythmic Gymnastics Club. With the closure of the SKW Gymnastics Club, most of its members joined this relatively new club.

Wietsa Snyman of the Windhoek Rhythmic Gymnastics Club says the club appreciates FNB for agreeing to move its longstanding sponsorship agreement with the SKW club to Windhoek Rhythmic Gymnastics Club, thus proving FNB continued commitment towards gymnastics.

Snyman says the funds will be used to prepare the hall for competitions since the club need to rent tables, chairs and dividers, including payments for about 20 Judges and numerous other expenses such as lunch and administrative articles such as stationery and score sheets.

The club applauded FNB for its ongoing support adding that without FNB Namibia, a number of initiatives would not be possible. “Rhythmic gymnastics is a growing sport amongst girls and we are trying to take it to many more Namibians.

“We have increased our members over the last few years and FNB has made it possible for us to host competitions for gymnasts to qualify and represent Namibia at SA Games, Zone 6, African Championships and abroad.” Namibia dispatched a team to the African Championships and will send another team in October for the SA Games in Cape Town, while in December another team will attend the Zone 6 games.

Dixon Norval, Group Head of Strategic Marketing and Communications at FNB Namibia said the bank was happy to assist the Gymnastics Club. “FNB has chosen sport as a sponsorship platform and gymnastics has been our partner for many years. In some cases, a relatively small amount makes the world of difference to a sport code, which is the case with gymnastics.

“We are happy that an amount of N$ 20,000 per year will enable the club to continue the good work in trying to secure the best trainers to teach our youngsters. Sport is good for heart and soul and we encourage it wholeheartedly. FNB remains thankful to sport codes such as gymnastics mainly run by volunteers.”

Source : New Era