Haikali Determined to Stand for NFA Presidency

Black Africa owner Ranga Haikali on Friday confirmed that he would stand as a presidential candidate for the upcoming NFA elective congress on 6 December.

Haikali was responding to criticism and comments by NFA secretary general Barry Rukoro in a local newspaper, who said that Haikali could not stand due to amendments made to the NFA constitution.

According to the amendments, prospective candidates had to serve for at least four years as an NFA executive committee member.

Haikali however said that he had been nominated by various regions and that he qualified as a member of the Board of Governors.

“I was nominated by several regional bodies including the Khomas, Erongo and Karas regions, as well as the NPL and the Southern Stream First Division. My nomination was duly submitted before the November 8 deadline,” he said.

“The amendments specify that to stand you must be at least four years in the national or regional structures of the NFA, which I am, as a member of Board of Governors,” he added.

Haikali said the amendments still had to be ratified by the Namibia Sport Council.

“Any law only comes into effect when it is promulgated or adopted (which has not yet happened). The constitutional amendments were also never approved by the Namibia Sport Council,” Haikali added.

Haikali said the process of screening and vetting of candidates had to be conducted by the Independent Electoral Committee and he aised Rukoro not to interfere with this process.

“The SG is best aised not to interfere with this process as he may be seen to be taking sides and what will happen if his favoured camp is not successful. My aice to him is not to fear or favour anybody and just to do his work, as he will continue to do even more efficiently if my team wins the election,” he said.

Haikali said he was respectful of the vetting process and would release his manifesto after this had taken place. He however gave a short glimpse of his plan, saying that all regions would be given N$200 000 to run their leagues, up from the current N$90 000.

Haikali said he would find sponsors for all the leagues, while he will personally fund N$150 000 towards the establishment of a women’s league.

He said the exco would be supplemented with professionally qualified people to aise it on matters relating to law, ethics, finance and audit, development and training and coaches, amongst others.

He said all the regional structures and leagues would run independently but will be assisted to fulfil their duties.

Source : The Namibian