Hangula Acquitted On All Charges

Magistrate John Sindano yesterday acquitted the Deputy Commissioner of Prisons, Tuhafeni Hangula, 44, of committing fraud among other charges.

The deputy commissioner faced one count of academic fraud, one count of theft, a count of forgery, two counts of uttering and a count of receiving stolen property.

The charges the deputy commissioner faced stem from allegations that the Grade 12 school certificate he has been using was a fake. He was discharged on all counts.

The magistrate discharged him after he found that there was not enough evidence against him.

“The state has not proved that the accused acted wrongfully. No court acting in its clear mind would convict the accused,” Sindano said in the Magistrate’s Court in Windhoek upon the acquittal.

During the trial this year, the deputy commissioner pleaded not guilty to all counts.

He left court a happy man and his friends and family were also happy and embraced each other after Hangula was discharged.

The state and the defence argued on whether or not Hangula should be found guilty before the magistrate adjourned for five minutes and then gave his ruling.

Prosecutor Erick Moyo informed the court Hangula failed to give a satisfactory explanation on why he sought clarification on his certificate, while he believed there was nothing wrong with his certificate.

The prosecutor had requested the court to convict Hangula on all the charges.

Sisa Namandje represented Hangula. The defence lawyer said “there is no evidence worth us spending numbers of days in court.” He requested his client to be acquitted on all charges.

On Monday, responding to a question from prosecutor Moyo on why his certificate did not contain the subject biology, which he allegedly passed well, the deputy commissioner responded he did not examine his certificate.

“I was a poor performer, but it does not mean I am stupid,” he added. Hangula continued that he did not check his certificate to see in which subjects he performed the best.

“The aim was to obtain a Grade 12 certificate, which I did,” Hangula said. He further informed the court that after the allegations surfaced that he forged his Grade 12 certificate he wrote to the Ministry of Education for them to further investigate the matter.

Hangula was arrested last April and was free on bail of N$2 000

Reports indicated Hangula testified about this matter in the High Court in Windhoek in October 2012 during a trial on a defamation claim he instituted against a weekly newspaper about an article on his school qualifications.

Documents placed before the court in that trial indicated that the correctness of Hangula’s Grade 12 certificate was confirmed in a letter signed by an official of the then Ministry of Education and Culture in April 1995.

Source : New Era