Hano On Nationwide Educational Tours

The Hano Youth Foundation recently embarked with its educational tour to schools in Omaheke region.

The Foundation’s first visit was at Mokganedi Tlhabanello High School and Epukiro Post 3 Junior Secondary School last weekend where it hosted motivational discussions on the importance of education, factors that affects education such as relationships in schools, the use of alcohol and drug abuse, Human immunodeficiency virus infection acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV and AIDS), Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), moral values as well as different vocational schools.

The Head Girl of Mokganedi welcomed the HANO delegation on behalf of the school principal excitedly and emphasised that more such discussions should take place at least twice a year for better grades in Grade 10 and 12. Elia MaTHORNunyumlu who has been representing the school principal, Mukoperua Kanguatjivi, at Epukiro Post 3 Junior Secondary welcomed and showed appreciation to Hano for their commitment and determination that they have shown in support of their learners since 2012, which has led to an improvement in better grades.

Members from traditional authorities were present at the discussions such as from the Hoveka Royal House and Ovambanderu Traditional Authority who were represented by its councillor, Pineas Siririka, urguing Hano to keep on hosting such platforms. He promised that next time the hall should be packed with all the stakeholders including parentsguardians, teachers, the Namibian College of Open Learning (NAMCOL) students and all learners.

The delegation inlcuded a Namibia Network of AIDs Service (NANASO) Information Officer, Edmund Ndjavera, who shared some basics information on HIV and AIDs and other related issues as well as distributed information, educational and communication (IEC) materials. The delegation will be travelling to Kunene region on July 4 to 6 to continue with its mission.. The Foundation is appealing to all teachers, parentsguardians of the schools there, Alpha, Mureti, Putuavanga and Orumana, to work in collaboration “as we know that educating our children is not just the responsibility of teachers but every parent and community member.”

Source : New Era