Hard Times for Anglers

This year is proving to be difficult for local anglers to catch the limit of five fish.

No anglers managed to catch the limit in the 4th Bank Windhoek Namibian Bass Angling Association (NBAA) competition at the Von Bach Dam recently.

Nevertheless, former Ramblers and SKW footballer Reinhard Laggner walked away as the proud winner of the day, while the biggest bass was caught by Jandre Engelbrecht. The fish weighed a decent 2.87 kg.

In the ladies category, Sonita Pienaar was for the umpteenth time the only lady to catch a bass. The full results in winning order were as follows: 1. Reinhard Laggner

2. Andre van Vuuren

3. Jandre Engelbrecht

4. Alec Williams

5. Richard Grant

6. JP Judeel

7. Kai Ahrens

8. Anton de Witt

9. Sonita Pienaar

10. Lourens Delport

Winners of previous competitions were also awarded at the same event, with Sonita Pienaar walking away with two gold medals, one in the ladies category and the other for the senior division. The Angler of the year (AOY) log standings continues to be a closely contested affair with several anglers in the hunt for top spot. The AOY log standings after four tournaments reads as follows:

1. Andre van Vuuren 385 2. Alec Williams 382

3. JP Judeel 372

4. Jaques Marais 366

5. Thinus Williams 365

6. Max Pieper 363

7. Neil Engelbrecht 360

8. Richard Grant 360

9. Sonita Pienaar 358

10, Reinhard Laggner 356

Source : New Era