Haufiku wants alcohol prices increased

WINDHOEK: Minister of Health Social Services Bernard Haufiku is planning to amend Liquor Act to enforce high tax on alcohol.

He said alcohol is the biggest enemy of Namibia and ‘I want it to be unaffordable.’

“Bad attitude at work place, absenteeism among others, are all linked to alcohol abuse,” Haufiku said while addressing health workers professionals in Windhoek on Wednesday.

He said he wants price of alcohol to rise so that people cannot afford it.

“I want alcohol to be expensive and be accessible only to people who can afford it. Those who can afford expensive alcohol are also responsible drinkers,” he said.

He also criticise the operating hours in selling alcohol in the country.

In Namibia, alcohol is sold until 17h00 on weekdays, 13h00 on Saturdays and sales are not permitted on Sundays.

But there unlicensed places such as shebeens in townships where alcohol is always available.

“It is disappointing to note that formal alcohol retailers closed on Sundays, but go to Katutura and you will find alcohol everywhere on Sundays, this is not acceptable,” he fumed.

He called on church leaders to educate Namibians on the danger of alcohol abuse.