He Was No Puppet – Mudge

President of the Republican Party (RP) Henk Mudge said the late Chief Kuaima Riruako was no puppet of the apartheid South African regime before independence and could be buried as someone who opposed independence.

Riruako was interred early yesterday at the Okahandja cemetery for Ovaherero heroes and heroines in a ceremony witnessed by thousands of mourners.

Mudge made the startling remark during the memorial service for the fallen chief on Friday at Parliament Gardens.

“History has been distorted for too long. The truth is not only that – neither Chief Clemens Kapuuo, nor Dirk Mudge, nor any leader in the run-up to the Turnhalle Conference and those who subsequently formed the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance, were puppets of South Africa,” he said.

Mudge said nothing could be further from the truth and that Namibians would know such accusations are unfounded and nothing but “cheap propaganda” that has unfortunately been allowed to circulate for too long.

“But we can’t allow Chief Riruako to be buried whilst being labelled as somebody who sided with the South African regime and opposed Namibia’s independence, because that is just not true,” he emphasized.

He described him as a colourful person, g-willed, stubborn at times but who knew exactly what he wanted and was treated with utmost respect by other MPs.

He said his unselfish contribution was not in vain and that it added to peace.

Source : New Era