Health Uniform Provider Named

The health ministry has announced the name of the Chinese company that will supply nurses and doctors uniforms as Beijing Angel Hospital Uniforms.

In a statement, the permaneny secretary Andrew Ndishishi said they made the decision to buy uniforms and fabric from China after he led a delegation to Beijing last year and subsequently agreed to order tailor-made materials.

The announcement came after the health minister Richard Kamwi told parliament that they had decided to order uniforms from China.

Ndishishi also said the materials will be embedded with ministerial watermarks to prevent pilfering of fabrics and to create a corporate identity that will be used for the manufacturing of uniforms, bed linens, screens and curtains amongst others.

He said Beijing Angel Hospital Uniforms is expected to produce a design catalogue for Namibia, provide training and organise an adequate skills transfer to Namibian companies to be responsible for manufacturing all uniforms in the country.

“The company is also expected to provide the first consignment of uniforms for nurses and doctors only as a sample before the ministry goes for the local tender process once all the necessary conditions have been determined,” Ndishishi said.

According to Ndishishi, the ministry is expected to go into a long term agreement with Zouping ChangShan Textiles PampD CO.LTD for the procurement of tailor-made materials once all the necessary conditions have been met.

“Once the material has been sourced, local tenders are expected to use the tailor-made designs and fabrics for the production of uniforms,” he said. Spokesperson of the ministry Ester Paulus said they chose China because Namibian companies do not manufacture fabrics.

She added that they considered China and India to be the two countries, which are known for manufacturing fabrics, but settled on China because it had the biggest textile production.

Paulus could not reveal the amount budgeted for the uniforms, adding that they will only be able to know how much the ministry will spend after they have received the approved sample.

Health Minister Richard Kamwi made the announcement about the nurses’ uniforms in Parliament last week, a move that has been criticised by a fellow Swapo Parliamentarian and the public.

The Namibian also reported last week that nurses at state hospitals have not been issued uniforms for a number of years.

Source : The Namibian