’Help Me Find My Home’

A young child, believed to be aged between two and three years, who was found by the police in the streets of Rundu last week is still in the hands of social workers after no one had yet come to identifiy the child. No case of a missing child has been reported with the police.

Theresia Makena Osvald, a social worker from the Ministry of Gender and Child Welfare in Rundu, said they tried all possibilities to locate the parents or any other relative of the boy and even used the local radio all week but no one had showed up to claim the child.

The police took the boy to the Ministry of Gender and Child Welfare, whose staff in turn took the child to the paediatric ward of the Rundu hospital for shelter.

“The boy can’t stay longer in the hospital as he is or can be exposed to many diseases. We are looking at possibly placing the child somewhere for adoption if no relative shows up,” said Osvald.

Source : New Era