Hem Matsi Will Be Taking ‘A Better Collection’ to the U.S.

IN a rare admission of failure by a fashion designer, or artist for that matter, Hem Matsi has told The Namibian that despite her last collection being a disaster, she is working on a better one.

The designer has been invited to the Southern African fashion show in Washington DC where she’ll join designers from Southern Africa to showcase her work. “It’s not a secret that my last collection was a disaster so I’m taking time to work on this new one which I’ll be taking to DC. I’ll spend at least two months on it and will make sure it’s up to standard as I will not only be representing myself but my country,” she said.

The new collection will consist of tailored suits, a stark contrast from her previous work, made up of mostly extravagant ball gowns. Her inspiration for this collection she says, is love. “The most beautiful thing a person could ever feel in life is love so I want to bring that into this collection. It will also have lots of bright colours and lots of flowing fabrics and chiffon,” she said. “I want to go and brighten up DC with this collection and since I have been there before, I have gotten a feel for the city so I will be making the new collection with that in mind.”

She hopes to penetrate the American market and is using this fashion show as a springboard.

In addition to that, she will also create a belt line which will be made from Namibian leather. Her inspiration for the belt line is the Windhoek Lager brand, since she is a proud arts ambassador. “I’m also hoping to take some Windhoek Lager with me as it is such an honour to represent the brand,” she said. Matsi was the very first Windhoek Lager ambassador for arts, receiving the honour in 2013.

The Southern African fashion show will take place on Friday, 29 August, at the Civic Centre. The event will include a music show and culinary exhibition, aimed at showcasing Southern African culture.

She will eventually reveal the new collection to Namibian audiences and many will surely be holding their breath in anticipation.

Source : The Namibian