Here’s to Independence and to Us – Pick ‘N Pay

Congratulating his Heimat on 24 years of Independence, Managing Director of mega-retailer, Henry Feris said “the 24th Independence Anniversary of Namibia coincides with Pick ‘n Pay’s 16 years in an independent Namibia.

We are extremely proud to celebrate this joyous occasion with the Government of Namibia and her people.”Feris spoke in anticipation of this weekend’s country-wide celebrations and the large role his chain of stores will play to ensure every Namibian has all the ingredients for a fabulous Independence party. Feris reflected on a number of milestones and achievements that Pick ‘n Pay has accomplished over the years. He said “to date we have invested in a total of 1675 Namibians employed at our 17 stores countrywide.

The company has also trained numerous retail trainees over the years and [we] constantly look at ways and means of supporting local suppliers and selling their products through the government’s ‘Growth at Home’ strategy.” This is enhanced by Pick ‘n Pay’s membership on Team Namibia. “Not only do we celebrate this historic milestone of 24 years of Independence, but we certainly look forward to many more years of Pick ‘n Pay going from strength to strength.

I am excited to confirm that this year alone we will open three new stores and employ an additional 180 Namibians” said Feris. He added that in light of Independence, Pick ‘n Pay Namibia will celebrate in true Pick ‘n Pay style by awarding its customers with N$24,000 worth of birthday gifts over a period of 24 days. All customers have to do is spend N$24 or more at any Pick ‘n Pay store. Pick ‘n Pay is the retail filial in the Ohlthaver amp List Group.

Source : Namibia Economist