Hidipo Hamutenya meets with ex-colonial soldiers

ONDANGWA: The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) president Hidipo Hamutenya says the Namibian electorate have erred by continuing to vote Swapo into State power for the past 24 years of the country’s independence.

Speaking during a meeting with a group of ex-soldiers of the then colonial forces at Ondangwa’s Oluno suburb yesterday, Hamutenya described the voting for Swapo as committing of crime.

Individual ex-soldiers of the South West Africa Territory Force (SWATF) and Koevoet, in consultation with the Oshikoto regional leadership of the RDP headed by Ismael Shailemo, convened a face-to-face meeting with Hamutenya.

Hamutenya went on to accuse the Swapo-Party of discriminating against some bona fide Namibians, even within its ranks and files, through the party’s jobs for comrades’ slogan.

He then called on the electorate to consider voting Swapo out during the general elections due in November this year, if the jobs for comrades’ system is to be done away with in the country.

Hamutenya referred to the RDP as an alternative political organisation which stands firm to bring about an inclusive government in Namibia.