High concentration of nitrates in borehole caused deaths of 60 heads of cattle at Singuruve village

SINGURUVE; A high concentration of nitrates in a borehole caused the deaths of 60 heads of cattle at the Singuruve village in the Kavango West Region’s Ncuncuni Constituency last week.

Villagers were left baffled when their cattle started dying last Thursday after drinking from the borehole at this village, situated on the southern outskirts of Rundu.

It is feared that the deaths of so many heads of cattle will be detrimental in a community which depends on livestock for subsistence farming.

Community members told Nampa that it all started last Thursday when a herd of cattle started collapsing, and died one by one after they drank that water.

Cattle which drank from the same borehole on Friday were also later discovered dead, with their remains lying scattered in the floodplain and nearby bushes.

OSHAKATI; The DTA of Namibia is accusing members of the Swapo-Party of removing its election campaign posters from lamp posts at Oshakati in the Oshana Region.

The DTA’s secretary for organisation, Agatus Antanga told Nampa in an interview at Oshakati on Tuesday.

Asked why he was accusing Swapo members and not the members of other political parties of removing and destroying the posters, Antanga said other parties’ posters have also been removed, but those of the Swapo-Party are still on display.

He called on Namibians to be tolerant to maintain peace and at the same time to bear in mind that posters are “just election information materials that will never cast votes in an election”.

Swapo-Party coordinator in the Oshana Region, Erastus Kapolo however shot down Antanga’s accusations and asked him to name the ruling party members that have removed the DTA posters for action to be taken against them.