High School’s Anthem Competition to Start

The Korel Entertainment is hosting its first ever high schools’ anthem competition.

The competition kicks off with the Semi-final this Saturday at David Bezuidenhout High School hall where different schools will be tested to compose and produce their own school anthem.

The winning school will go for the finals on July 5 and talented youths, alongside their conductors will be required to show off their massive knowledge and composition of arts by Selecting and perform one of the late Jackson Kaujeua songs in diffrent version, as a tribute to the singer.

According to one of the organisers, Kores Gaoseb, The High School’s Anthem 2014 competition is an initiative to lure high school learners to a venue where they will expose their talents to a wide variety of other learners, sponsors and media houses. “We have observed the immense interest of people in the field of vocal music, especially within the Namibian context and youths. It has brought people together from different backgrounds and successfully brought cultures and traditions together under the banner of music and song, that’s why we want our learners to embark on this project,” says Gaoseb adding that this initiative is also aimed at bring forth schools’ choral music under one ambience and splendour.

In the grand finale, the winning school will be awarded a floating trophy, a record deal with Nam Studios, a trending record label of one of Namibia’s best producers, Elvo, and N$5,000in cash. The project has initiated by two enthusiasts, Kores Gaoseb and Leonard Witbeen. The competition starts at two O’clock (14h00) on Saturday with N$ 500 as a registration fee for each school.

Source : New Era