Homophobic Namibian Fighters – What the EFF? [analysis]

It has been widely reported that a Namibian version of the Economic Freedom Fighters has been established. Despite denials of official links, they look like the South African fighters: same red overalls, same red berets, exact same logo. They also talk like the South African fighters: same rhetoric about emancipation of the working class and the nationalisation of mineral resources. But there’s one notable difference. The Namibian gang hate gays. The South Africans claim to love them. So why aren’t they distancing themselves from their homophobic doppelgangers?

It was on Monday that a new political force hit Namibia. At Hoseo Kutako International Airport in Windhoek, the birth of the Namibian Economic Freedom Fighters was announced. Self-styled Commander-in-Chief Epafras Mukwiilongo and sidekick Kalimbo Iipumbu did the announcing, to about 25 people who were reportedly handed NEFF T-shirts and berets.

A press release circulated in aance of the launch described the new party as “radical and revolutionary”, and its emergence a “dramatic development”. Its political inclinations are radical left, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist, according to Mukwiilongo.

Some of NEFF’s reported rhetoric sounds deeply familiar to anyone who’s been following the rise of the EFF in South Africa. They want to…

Source : Daily Maverick