Hostel staff loses control over the boys

WINDHOEK: Centaurus High School’s boys hostel was confronted with a high number of undisciplined learners last year, a situation which made it difficult for hostel staff to have proper control over the learners.

Speaking to Nampa in an interview today, the Chief Hostel Matron at Centaurus High School Coennie Muundjua said there were times last year when police officers had to be called in to control the situation in that hostel.

He explained that the unruly behaviour of the boys included bullying younger ones, stealing from nearby shops, sneaking out of the hostel, drinking alcohol and vandalising hostel properties.

According to Muundjua, although there is a set timetable which gives the boys ample opportunity to go and relax outside of the hostel, they would still sneak out of the hostel when they were not supposed to.

The situation, he said, became such a big problem that the school board, parents and principal had to sit around the table to look into it and weigh possible measures of addressing the problem permanently.

He said many of the unruly boys were expelled from the hostel so that they may not continue to influence others with their bad behaviour.