Hundreds attend Bishop Kamburona’s memorial service

More than 500 people attended the memorial service of Bishop Assaria Cleophas Kamburona here on Thursday.

The service took place at the Protestant Unity Church (Oruuano) in Katutura next to the OvaHerero Commando No.2, where Kamburona was Bishop.

Kamburona died at his home in Katutura, Windhoek on 27 December 2014, aged 83.

Rudolf Kamburona, a son of the late Bishop, on behalf of the Kamburona family presented a eulogy of his father, focusing on his journey from birth to becoming a politician, spiritual and noble person.

A message of condolences from the Sam Nujoma Foundation, which described the late Bishop Kamburona as a visionary spiritual leader, was also delivered by Rudolf.

“Bishop Kamburona was an outstanding person,” the statement said, adding that Kamburona was arrested by the South African army during the time of the liberation to try and stop him from being part of active politics but it just made him more willing to fight for his motherland Namibia.

The Bishop will be buried in the Okahandja cemetery on Sunday at a section in the cemetery called “the Bishop House”, not far from where OvaHerero Chiefs Kuaima Riruako, Hosea Kutako and Clemence Kapuoo are buried.